Pain Relief and Soft Tissue Repair

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jointPain is the body’s way of signalling harm or damage to the body. Acute pain means that something new or serious has happened, whereas chronic pain is more associated with an old injury, wear and tear, aging, or biochemical changes in the nervous system.

Pain relief and the restoration of movement is felt with the use of Infrared Light Therapy.

Infrared therapy uses infrared and visible light emitting super luminous diodes (SLD) embedded in flexible neoprene pads which are placed over the treatment area.

Infrared therapy may be used to temporarily increase local circulation, relieve stiffness, promote relaxation of muscle tissue and provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain associated with a wide variety of conditions including arthritis, chronic pain, connective tissue dysfunction and neuropathy.

Infrared therapy provides mild to moderate thermal effects and is well tolerated by patients.

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