10 Day Reset

Anyone can do Anything for 10 days

Join a group of like-minded men and women that are trying to Re-Set their body. The rules seem tough at first but they are really simple.

*No Gluten                   *No Dairy                   *No Refined Sugar                   *No Alcohol                   *No Processed Foods

Over the 10 days you are going to flood your body with the phyto-nutrients of more than 44 different, vine ripened, non GMO, non chemically enhanced fruits, vegetables, berries and grains by taking 6 capsules and drinking 2 shakes every day.

Our proprietary process to create our capsules is unique.  The fruits, vegetables and berries are crushed together, skin and all in a huge blender.  It is cold pressed to remove the water and then dehydrated at a low temperature that can remove the sugar content but allow the enzymes to remain alive.  I love that we can get this amount of fruits and veggies and berries WITHOUT the sugar!

Our Complete Shakes are available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors and can stand as a full meal when extra fruit and vegetables are added.  You can order all chocolate, all vanilla or a variety of both.


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You will be eating one Large, Super Awesome Whole food meal for dinner or for lunch while your other 2 meals will your Complete Shakes.  You will be eating whole food snacks throughout the day and drinking lots of water.

You will not go hungry through this program

You will not be counting your calories


What you will get in this program:

*30 min phone coaching session to set your goal and define success

*Recipe booklet of Shake and Smoothie ideas specially designed for the program

*Guide booklet

*Private, participants only Facebook support group to access  Workouts,  Daily motivation, Accountability and peer support

*Optional 40 minute Soft Laser Therapy Session ($50) to help increase your metabolism and decrease your appetite cravings.  Laser is available in Terrace, BC or Calgary, AB.  Travel to other locations may also be available.


Knowledge is power and understanding what is really going on inside your body will help you float through this program.  Dr. Mitra Ray gives a detailed explanation about why this program is so effective, why other methods perhaps have not worked and how this benefits your health.

You might be ready to do the 30 day, 120 day or just the 10 day Challenge.  The choice is up to you.  Let’s get started!

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