It’s Your Advantage helps you take back control of your life, today.

Specializing in addiction therapy for smokers, drug users, eating disorders and gambling, Lorraine and her team offer a full service approach to overcome your roadblocks. Our approach is based on science and a deep study of brain chemicals. Our services are relaxing and simple.

Our service is generally available when YOU need it, how you need it. Addiction struggles do not live on a schedule, so we try to be flexible in our programs and office hours to help you when you need help. Our office stays open later and is even available through most weekends.

Our clients love us because we alleviate the worrisome withdrawal symptoms that typically occur with other forms of addiction therapy. Soft laser technology treatments assist getting those brain chemicals back into proper action! Supportive programs are available to help you learn new techniques and strategies as well as to cleanse your body and rebuild your overall health.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

family“I’ve tried to quit so many times and the Laser made it super easy. I finally found something that works. Thanks so much!”

~ Jeremy

“Coming to see Lorraine to quit smoking has helped me in more ways than one. I realize I don’t have to smoke to help get over stress, and will continue in every effort to stay a non-smoker. Thank you.”

~ Diana

“I have tried to quit many times before. After the laser it was the easiest it has ever been. Less cravings, mood swings, and other withdraw symptoms. The laser makes you feel relaxed, and is like a spa treatment. I would recommend it to anyone who is set on quit smoking.”

~ Sara